Online Repository Access

Gives Encase Legal clients online access to documents/invoices/orders

  • Store all case-related files in Encase Legal's repository, so users can quickly access them online by case name and/or other search criteria

  • Offers users an online case repository during the pre-discovery period.

  • Users can request or revise records directly from their online calendar, making it easy for them to order. 

  • Clients can copy an existing order and update it, mostly by selecting items in drop-down menus or clicking checkboxes

  • When ordering records online, clients select services from lists, which translates into quicker ordering with no inconsistent service descriptions or misspellings

  • When a client sends in an order online, it’s immediately listed in their online calendar as a pending request.

  • Online invoices include payment history and a downloadable/printable PDF version, so you don’t have to ask for an email of a copy of a lost invoice. You can get it quicker yourself from your online office.