HealthPostures and StenoWorks
HealthPostures and StenoWorks

Is there a shortage of good court reporters?

​The national shortage of reporters has hit Arizona, and hard.  Will there ever be enough reporters to fill the open positions across the country?  

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Value, excellence, precision, speed.  These are just words.  Without the friendly, knowledgeable Encase Legal staff ready to demonstrate these traits, you might be lost.  Our experienced and helpful people make the difference.  Our employees combined with our technology comprise the Encase solution.  Let Encase make the difference for you!

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Are fee shifts an issue for court reporters?

Allegations of cost shifting and gift-giving have swirled around national court reporting firms for 20 years

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Two Companies, One Mission?

HealthPostures and StenoWorks have teamed up to offer healthy support to reporters

Speed kills...77th annual National Speed Competition

Each year, a reporter leaves the conference with bragging rights as the speediest and most accurate court reporter in the competition

About Us

Our Principles

We care about delivering you the best possible service at a reasonable price.  We understand the importance of your work product and pride ourselves on delivering you an error free product.  With Encase Legal you have 24/7 online access to your order information and records, transcripts, and exhibits.

Encase Legal is a Texas-based court reporting and record retrieval company.  We are a minority owned business looking to serve our clients and community to the very best of our ability.  We pride ourselves on communication, teamwork, and expertise.  We utilize these talents to help our clients get what they need, quickly!

Encase Legal is committed to providing our clients the absolute best possible services, coupled with an amazing attitude, and unparalleled expertise.  We strive at all times to give you the most accurate product you can receive anywhere.  Encase Legal has over 40 years of expert experience in our industry.  We have what it takes to get it right the first time, every time.

Here at Encase Legal, we understand that you can choose to take your business to any company.  We work with clients all over the country to handle the most pressing court reporting or record retrieval projects.  From our online repository, to our hands on approach to business, we have the toolkit you need to succeed.  

Also, whether it is through email, or the telephone, we will keep you updated on our progress throughout the entire process.  You need to know where your documents are and when they will be in your hands.